Conscious Natural Child-Birth Syllabus

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Humanized Childbirth

What is humanized child birth?

Humanized child birth is to birth a child in the most natural way possible, following with knowledge the given maternal instinct to harmonize mind, body and instinct during labor and childbirth.

About This Course

This course provides the appropriate practice, knowledge and information to develop an attitude of possibilities to create for yourself confidence, willingness and empowerment during and after labor and childbirth.

What you will learn?

- Explore the myths towards childbirth.

- Practice attention and visualization techniques

- Understanding body posture

- Massage

- Understanding the power of quiet and calm

Course duration

8 weeks

Required time

Required time by session: 60 minutes.




Women are programmed physically, mentally and naturally to procreate
– The woman’s body is design to have children and to breastfeed.

Explore some reasons for the origin of childbirth fearsome pain and doubt to prevent childbirth with tranquility:
– Cultural
– Knowledge
– Economic
– What happens to my body – hormones
– What happens to my mind – expectations
– Cultural
– Social
– Economic

Meditation, concentration and breathing techniques,
Pelvic floor and body exercises
Body massage

Meaning and purpose of Labor work
Knowledge is power … = Empowerment towards the natural function of childbirth through
Breathing Techniques.
Physical position to give birth and avoid tears
The companion and their role in labor and childbirth:

  1. Methods
  2. Its emotional, spiritual and physical benefits
  1. Of the baby
  2. Of mom

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